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What can I save on each booking with Prime?

You save every time you book with Prime. The specific amount you save depends on the total cost of your booking. For example, if you pay between €150 and €299 with your Prime membership, you will save an average of €30 on your booking.

Price of flight Average Prime savings per flight
€0 - €149 €20
€150 - €299 €30
€300 - €499 €40
≥ €500 up to €90

Sleep easy with up to €270 off hotels!


Hotel rooms for up to half price for Opodo Prime members. Wherever you go, get a great night's sleep for a lot less!

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Hit the road with up to €40 off on car rental

Descuento en alquiler de coches Descuento en alquiler de coches

Enjoy absolute freedom on your trip with Prime-only savings on car rental.

Descuento en alquiler de coches
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Tell me more Descuento en alquiler de coches

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Your Prime-related questions

  • Make your booking as normal, add Prime before you pay and you're all set!
  • Yes. You can enjoy Prime for 12 months from the date of your first booking.
  • Yes. You can use your Prime discounts as much as you like! You don't have to travel much to make your membership fee back!
  • We recently added hotels to our Prime offering so you can now save up to half price on hotel rooms wherever you travel to.
  • Yes, you can combine one or more of our discounts to boost your savings even further. Keep an eye out for our email campaigns so you can apply the codes when booking.
  • Absolutely. As long as they're travelling with you, up to 9 people can enjoy the same discount as you. The more people you travel with, the bigger the saving.
  • Booking with our app is so simple and of course you will still save, thanks to your Prime membership. Make sure to log in so your discount is applied automatically.
  • Our discounts don't currently apply to added extras, but you'll get great savings on flights and now hotels. We'll continue to add to our Prime benefits as we continue to grow!
  • No, you'll have to make a booking to be able to sign up.
  • With Prime, you can share your discounts and benefits with up to 9 of your friends and family, as long as you're travelling too. With Prime Plus, you can share your discounts with up to 9 people even when you’re not travelling.
    You'll see the total saving when you arrive at the payment page.
  • Yes, so you don't need to worry about managing it yourself! We'll charge the same card you used when booking at the end of your subscription or free trial period. You can cancel online at any time before then, so if you don't want to continue being a Prime member, make sure to cancel your subscription before we take payment!
  • Yes, you're free to cancel your membership at any time, just visit our website and log in to href="https://www.opodo.com/travel/secure/#mytripslogin/actions=opencmf" target="_blank" class="odf-link">“My Prime account” or go to the app and tap on the "Profile" tab. To avoid your Prime membership being renewed automatically for €54.99, please ensure your cancellation happens before the end of your subscription or free trial period. Terms and conditions apply. Read them here.
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