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Thomas Cook Airlines

Flying with Thomas Cook Airlines

PLEASE NOTE: Thomas Cook Airlines has now shut down and no longer operates Thomas Cook Airlines flights. The information that follows is about the period Thomas Cook Airlines was still operational.

Thomas Cook Airlines is a British airline that was created when JMC Air was renamed in 2003. Shortly after in 2008, the company took another step forward and merged with MyTravel Airways. The majority of Thomas Cook flights use the Airbus A321, which is the most common plane in a fleet of more than 30 aircraft. The entirety of the fleet however, is actually made up of a combination of various models of Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Thomas Cook Airlines serves over 60 holiday destinations right across the globe, including hotspots in North America and the Caribbean, but it is mostly focused on European destinations. Some of its busiest routes are flights to Corfu in Greece, Alicante in Spain and Antalya in Turkey. The airline does not have any codeshare agreements and has not joined any of the big alliances, but it is owned by the same group as Condor in Germany, Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium and Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia.

Online check-in

Passengers for Thomas Cook flights can check in online. Doing so allows them to print their own boarding pass and cut down on time spent at the airport. Passengers can also opt to use a mobile boarding pass on their smartphone or tablet. It is also possible to select a seat while checking in online. This is included in the ticket price for Premium passengers, although other passengers will need to pay extra to choose their seat. Online check-in for a Thomas Cook flight is open from 24 hours ahead of departure until 2 hours prior to scheduled take-off. Groups of up to 9 passengers can check in online, but larger groups will have to check in at the airport.

Hand luggage allowance

Economy passengers have a hand luggage allowance of 1 item, weighing no more than 6 kg. Premium passengers also have an allowance of 1 item, but it may weigh up to 10 kg. For either class, the maximum size for hand luggage is 55 x 40 x 20 cm. On top of this allowance, passengers may also bring on board a personal item such as a handbag, laptop or umbrella, free of charge. If a passenger's hand luggage is not within these limits, Thomas Cook Airlines will charge an excess baggage fee. Infants under the age of 2 do not have a hand luggage allowance. However, passengers with an infant are allowed to bring a stroller or car seat at no charge.

Checked baggage policy

For all checked baggage regardless of ticket class, a Thomas Cook flight has a maximum size and weight limit that may not be exceeded. The combined width, length and height of any one baggage item must be less than 158 cm, with a total mass of no more than 32 kg. Some of Thomas Cook Airlines' routes include a checked baggage allowance, but for others it must be added to the booking separately. This can be done at the time of booking or later online. For Zone 1 and 2 routes, Economy fares do not include any checked luggage allowances while infants under 2 have a 10 kg allowance. For Zone 3 and 4 routes, Economy fares have a 20 kg allowance. Premium fares under this zoning also have a 25 kg allowance, and infants under 2 a 10 kg limit. For Zone 5 routes, Economy fares have a 1 piece, 23 kg allowance, Premium fares a 1 piece, 32 kg allowance, and infants under 2 a 1 piece, 10 kg allowance. For a Thomas Cook flight originating in Brazil, Economy and Premium fares have a 2 piece allowance set at 32 kg per piece, while infants under 2 are granted a 1 piece of 23 kg allowance. Sports equipment can be carried on a Thomas Cook flight at an extra cost, however passengers wishing to do so should let the airline know in advance.

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